England National Team

It’s disappointing to see England ousted from the competition. They have one of the most exciting domestic leagues in the world, a league brimming with technical skill and talent. Unfortunately, English players are not key figures in these areas. England’s national team is suffering from something of their own making, and unless they curtail the number of foreign players allowed to play in their domestic league, England will never know success on the world stage. Suarez, the Uruguayan striker who today single-handedly ripped out England’s collective heart, plays in the English league for Liverpool. He’s arguably the best player in this league, and there are many more foreign players near the top of this list. Tim Howard is perhaps the best goalkeeper in England, and he’s American. Kompany, Manchester City’s stalwart defender, is Belgian. The list goes on. Germany, a few years back, put restrictions on foreign players in their league for the same reasons that are plaguing England. They recognized that their national team was suffering and made moves to their domestic league’s foreigner policy. England must do the same.

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